RESBC's Purpose is to promote the welfare, health, happiness and comfort of Santa Barbara County retired employees and their beneficiaries. 


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Retired Employees of Santa Barbara County

RESBC is a voluntary non-profit retiree organization. Membership is available exclusively to retired employees of Santa Barbara County and their spouses. Membership dues are deducted from the retired member’s monthly County pension allowance.  For more information, click on the Organization tab.

New Picture Galleries

Some new pictures have been uploaded. Take a look in the Gallery area (to the left) and you should find new picture galleries. Each gallery is like a folder holding the pictures for a particular event or occasion.

See anyone you know? :)

3rd Quarter Newsletter Available On-Line

The 3rd Quarter Newsletter for 2023 has been uploaded and linked on the Newsletter page. To access it, click on "Newsletters" on the left of this (or most any page). The Newsletters page will open. Once there, click on the Newsletter that you want to view. It will open in a new tab in your browser. 

Watch for our next newsletter in November for some exciting events coming up.  Read on below for some hints.

Event Pictures

Pictures from the recent luncheon has been posted in the Gallery. Use the link on the left side of the page to view them.   Click here to go to the Galleries page to see new pictures. 


We had very successful and well-attended Valentines Day luncheon at the Glen Annie Golf Club in Goleta.  See the pictures on our Gallery page.  

Our June 8th luncheon at the Santa Maria Inn was a huge success!  Last year we had a record number of members attend, and this year we had an even large number attend. 103 members registered!  Wow!  Can we break that record next year?  The Santa Maria Inn served a super delicious lunch complete with a Tri-Tip carving station.  Oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies were served on the tables for guests to enjoy before (and during and after) lunch.  We had a number of very beautiful door prizes that were raffled off.

On Wednesday, September 20th, our luncheon will be at the Carpinteria Polo Club!  It will be a buffet lunch so you have your choice of meals, and will be on their patio to overlook the actual racing grounds.  OK, we're not sure yet if a race will actually be held that day.  Attendance was limited to only 70 people, and because we used online registration, 40 members registered to attend in 2 days after they received the newsletter.  30 people mailed in their reservations, so we are fully sold out.  We also have 4 members on the wait list.  Wow, this is sure to be a great event!

Also, keep your calendars open for our next exciting outing!  See below.  


In the past, we've had really enthusiastic trips to the Dodgers ballgame, and the last trip was Sunday, August 13th.  Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies.  We had received a large number of reservations, and all seats were taken.  We purchased additional seats from Dodger organization, and all those new seats were also filled.  It was a great trip, and photos are posted in the Gallery section.

We also had a great trip to the Pantages Theater in LA.  The show was the Tina Turner Musical, very popular and highly acclaimed.  Again, we were completely sold out.  Photos are posted in the Gallery section. 

The Board has not planned any other social events for the fall or winter.   But we do have a great social event planned for January 2024.  We greatly appreciate your membership, and so we have an extra large number of seats available.   Reservations can only be made online, so watch for your next newsletter where the QR code will be printed on the event flyer.  I can't tell you yet was the event is, but the show's name includes the letters "MJ".  Get your phones ready to aim, click, and register.   Note:  due to the large expense we are subsidizing, attendance is limited to our member and one guest only.

If you have any questions regarding RESBC events, or any suggestions for future events and outings, please use the "Contact" link in the menu on the left. We ask for ideas from you, our members, on what kind of events you would like RESBC to plan.  We would love for members to join our Event Planning Team for fresh event ideas as well as help in planning or executing future social events.  Contact President Annette or Secretary Mark if you are interested in joining the Team.  Job duties would be light, and occasional.   


Thank you for all your responses to our surveys.  Your answers are very important to us and help guide us in our efforts to provide safe and exciting luncheons and events for you, our members.  Please make sure we have your correct email address in case we want to contact you about exciting local events or happenings.



Our Board of Directors have done a wonderful job guiding our organization over the last few decades.  Our current officers have been on the Board for almost 10 years, and we are all ready to move on to other adventures.  We need YOU as members of our Board to help guide our organization in the coming years.  We need you, RESBC members.  Please contact our President or Secretary, use the "Contact" tab on the left of this page.  Please consider this request seriously.