RESBC's Purpose is to promote the welfare, health, happiness and comfort of Santa Barbara County retired employees and their beneficiaries. 


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Retired Employees of Santa Barbara County

RESBC is a voluntary non-profit retiree organization. Membership is available exclusively to retired employees of Santa Barbara County and their spouses. Membership dues are deducted from the retired member’s monthly County pension allowance.  For more information, click on the Organization tab.

2nd Quarter Newsletter Posted

The 2nd Quarter Newsletter for 2022 has been uploaded and linked on the Newsletter page. To access it, click on "Newsletters" on the left of this (or most any page). The Newsletters page will open. Once there, click on the Newsletter that you want to view. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

1st Quarter Newsletter Posted

The 1st Quarter Newsletter for 2022 has been uploaded and linked on the Newsletter page. To access it, click on "Newsletters" on the left of this (or most any page). The Newsletters page will open. Once there, click on the Newsletter that you want to view. It will open in a new tab in your browser.

2021 Holiday Luncheon Pictures

Pictures from the recent Holiday Luncheon have been posted in the Gallery. Use the link on the left side of the page to view them.


We had very successful and well-attended luncheons last year, and a simply fabulous Christmas luncheon at the Buellton Marriott Hotel.  See the pictures on our Gallery page.  This year we are planning to have as good or better luncheon events, so keep checking your newsletters or this website.

Our next luncheon will be on April 28th at the Timbers Restaurant, located at 10 Winchester Canyon Rd in Goleta.  We have about 100 members and guests already as of March 30th, so come and join in the activities and send your reservations soon.  Out theme is Spring is Sprung!  We have a delicious brunch planned for you, our members and families:  Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding and trimmings, Poached Salmon, and Salads and Rolls.  We also have a vegetarian menu available.   Look for the reservation form in our 1st Newsletter of 2022, which you can view by either using the Newsletter menu item on the left or clicking here.

Our June luncheon will be at the Glen Annie Golf Course in Goleta.  Mark  the event date of June 8th on your calendars.  See the details and reservation form in our May newsletter.

Mark your calendars for September 6th for our September luncheon.   
It's the day after Labor Day weekend, so bring your families with you.  We're trying something new:  A Santa Maria Style BBQ at Waller Park!  Linguica, Tri-Tip, Chicken, desserts, what more can you ask for???


As the pandemic crises slowly eases away, we are planning social outings and events for our members.   We were negotiating with the Dodgers Management for some great seats, and year's trip will be July 24th, Dodgers vs Giants!  We have limited seats available, so if you want to go, contact President Annette Paladino for advance reservations.  We will have a special price for our Baseball Fans!  See our contact info in the left panel.

The next event will be the Pantages theater on July 31st.  We're negotiating costs and will post the information and reservation form in our next newsletter.

2021 Sensorio Light Show: We had a very successful event in Paso Robles.  See the photos in our Gallery.

We are aware of our commitment to provide enjoyable, educational events for our members, and we are working to resume our exciting programs with your safety in mind, but some major events are still limited at this time due to the new Covid outbreaks. We greatly appreciate your membership, and we look forward to again being a big part of your retirement life. If you have any questions regarding RESBC events, or any suggestions for future events and outings, please use the "Contact" link in the menu on the left. 

Please remember, our member's health and safety are our topmost priority, therefor we ask for attendees to be vaccinated, and wearing  masks is optional unless required by state or county regulations.  We sincerely hope those requirements will end soon.


Thank you for all your responses to our surveys.  Your answers are very important to us and help guide us in our efforts to provide safe and exciting luncheons and events for you, our members.  Please make sure we have your correct email address in case we want to contact you about exciting local events or happenings.


RESBC’s Scholarship Application Period is now closed.  

In 2022 RESBC will fund two $3,000 scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded in May 2022.   The next application period will open October 2022.

RESBC is partnering with the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, who will administer the application and review process, and make the awards. The two RESBC scholarships will be awarded to children and grandchildren of its members, including those students who live outside California. New or continuing college students must apply through the Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara website: (  

Applicants must be enrolled full time and attend a college that is Title IV eligible (for Federal financial aid). Students attending vocational education programs are also eligible to apply for the RESBC scholarships. Applicants must have a 2.0 GPA to apply and age is not a factor in the award process.

Because High School graduates in Santa Barbara County may receive free tuition and books at SBCC (for two years) and Alan Hancock (for one year), they are not eligible to apply for the RESBC scholarship awards while attending these two community colleges. However, when they finish their local college education, they are eligible to apply for these RESBC scholarships.

It’s noted that the majority of the organizations in the California Retired County Employees Association fund scholarships for their members' children and/or grandchildren. Providing these scholarships underlines RESBC’s goal to provide new benefits for its members.