RESBC's Purpose is to promote the welfare, health, happiness and comfort of Santa Barbara County retired employees and their beneficiaries. 


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Retired Employees of Santa Barbara County

RESBC is a voluntary non-profit retiree organization. Membership is available exclusively to retired employees of Santa Barbara County and their spouses. Membership dues are deducted from the retired member’s monthly County pension allowance.  For more information, click on the Organization tab.

03-23-2024: Two New Picture Galleries Added:

In the Galleries area (on the left) you should see two new entries:

    • 2024 St. Patrick's Day Luncheon, 03-13-2024


    • 2023 Christmas Luncheon (12/07/2023).

03-23-2024: New Event Added:

In the Events area (on the left) you should see a new entry for the June Luncheon in Santa Maria.  See below for more information on our Summer Luncheon.,

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03-07-2024: Newsletter Added:

The RESBC newsletter for the 1st quarter of 2024 has been added. The link is in the Newsletter area on the left.

03-06-2024: Newsletter Added:

The RESBC newsletter for the 4th quarter of 2023 has been added. The link is in the Newsletter area on the left.

03-06-2024: Two New Picture Galleries Added:

In the Galleries area (on the left) you should see two new entries:

    • 2024 MJ, The Musical (Pantages Theater, Hollywood), 01-21-2024


    • 2023 Polo Club Lunch (09/20/2023).

New Picture Galleries

We are trying to keep up with the events and post the pictures here for everyone to enjoy.  Unfortunately, I (Tony) am not a website expert and need lots of help uploading and maintaining.   Some new pictures will be uploaded soon.  Take a look in the Gallery area (to the left) and you should find new picture galleries. Each gallery is like a folder holding the pictures for a particular event or occasion.   I, and the RESBC Board, greatly appreciate the assistance from Claude R. for helping to upload informaiton into our website.

See anyone you know who is familiar or acquainted with websites maintenance? :)

Event Pictures

Pictures will be posted in the Gallery usually within a few weeks after the event.  They can be see by using the link on the left side of the page to view them.   


We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day luncheon at the Glen Annie Golf Club in Goleta on March 13th. We filled the room with 80 members!  The event sold out within 10 days after the newsletter was received!  

Here's a heads-up on our summer luncheon.   It will be held on June 13th at the Santa Maria Inn. Last year's event was a huge success,  we had a record number of 103 members registered!  Wow!  Can we break that record again this year?  The Santa Maria Inn will be serving a super delicious buffet lunch.  We will have large a number of very beautiful door prizes to be raffled off.   Watch for details in our next newsletter which should be in your mail boxes early May.

For those of you who have difficulty with the QR code for registering, call me, Tony Manuel, right away if you are interested in attending a function.  We decided on the on-line registration process to make it more fair for events with limited seating.  We have received some mail registrations within a few days, others have taken a week to arrive.  The QR code registers you with date and time, so it's first come first registered.  


In the past, we've had really enthusiastic trips to the Dodgers ballgame, and the trip last year was  Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies.  All seats and additional purchased seats were sold out.  It was a great trip, and photos are posted in the Gallery section.

However, this year we had difficulties with the Dodger's sales department.  Our "usual" section is not available to us, and instead we were offered seats behind 3rd base, in full sun exposure.   Additionally, we could not sit together as a group, but would be kind of scattered around that section.  For that reason, we decided to pass on a Dodgers stadium trip this year.

In January, we attended an awesome show at the Pantages Theater in LA.  The show was MJ the Musical, very popular and highly acclaimed.  Again, even though we purchased a total of 80 seats, we were completely sold out.  Photos are posted in the Gallery section.   That was a new record for RESBC!

We do have another great social event planned for May 2024.  We will only have a limited number of seats available.   Reservations can only be made online, so watch for your next newsletter where the QR code will be printed on the event flyer.  We will be traveling to the Getty Museum again by request; it was very popular last time we offered it, several years ago.  Get your phones ready to aim, click, and register when you receive your May newsletter.   Note:  due to limited space, attendance is limited to a member and one guest only.

If you have any questions regarding RESBC events, or any suggestions for future events and outings, please use the "Contact" link in the menu on the left. We ask for ideas from you, our members, on what kind of events you would like RESBC to plan.  We would love for members to join our Event Planning Team for fresh event ideas as well as help in planning or executing future social events.  Contact President Tony or Secretary Rory if you are interested in joining the Team.  Job duties would be light, and occasional.   


Thank you for all your responses to our surveys.  Your answers are very important to us and help guide us in our efforts to provide safe and exciting luncheons and events for you, our members.  Please make sure we have your correct email address in case we want to contact you about exciting local events or happenings.



Our Board of Directors have done a wonderful job guiding our organization over the last few decades.  Our current officers have been on the Board for almost 10 years, and we are all ready to move on to other adventures.  We need YOU as members of our Board to help guide our organization in the coming years.  We need you, RESBC members.  Please contact our President or Secretary, use the "Contact" tab on the left of this page.  Please consider this request seriously.