RESBC's Purpose is to promote the welfare, health, happiness and comfort of Santa Barbara County retired employees and their beneficiaries. 


P.O. Box 30401
Santa Barbara,CA 93130-0401
(805) 568-5933
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Retired Employees of Santa Barbara County

RESBC is a voluntary non-profit retiree organization. Membership is available exclusively to retired employees of Santa Barbara County and their spouses. Membership dues are deducted from the retired member’s monthly County pension allowance.  For more information, click on the Organization tab.


At this time we are working hard to finalize details on two Welcome Back Luncheons.  We will have a special luncheon in Santa Barbara and in Santa Maria, so watch for details in our next newsletter.  Your costs will be same, but the menu will be very special!

Both luncheons will be outdoors and will be with your safety in mind.  We look forward to seeing our friends and fellow coworkers again very soon.


As the pandemic crises slowly eases away, we are planning social outings and events for our members.   We are negotiating with the Dodgers Management for some great seats at a date to be determined soon.     We will plan for other new adventures as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.  Leave us a  message or email for any suggestions you may have for future events.

We are aware of our commitment to provide enjoyable, educational events for our members, and we are working to resume our exciting programs with your safety in mind, but major events are still limited at this time. We greatly appreciate your membership, and we look forward to again being a big part of your retired life. If you have any questions regarding RESBC events, please use the "Contact" link in the menu on the left.


Thank you for all your responses to our surveys.  Your answers are very important to us and help guide us in our efforts to provide safe and exciting luncheons and events for you, our members.